The NVN is stopping

In recent years, the NVN has organized many successful activities that have given a boost to nature photography. In December 2015, the last NVN newsletter was published, announcing that the planned NVN Festival in February 2016 could not go through due to many uncertainties. The NVN board took a sabbatical to reflect on the NVN’s position. We have concluded that we can no longer provide added value and that our mission has been accomplished. Therefore, the NVN ended all its activities as of October 1, 2016.

Looking back

The Dutch Nature Photographers Association was a network for nature photography. Its main objective was to promote responsible nature photography and transfer knowledge and understanding of nature photography. The NVN has been run since its founding in 2000 by volunteers and is a non-profit organization.

In the early years the NVN helped encourage nature photography by providing support to local and national nature photography associations. Later, the NVN broke away from these organizations and went its own way.

The NVN has organized many activities in the past 16 years, the best known of which are probably the seven International Nature Photography Festivals. In addition, the NVN has organized several national festivals, workshops, seminars, photo contests, exhibitions, fairs, workshops and symposia. Behind the scenes the NVN lobbied a great deal, brought parties together, and actively supported new initiatives. Through the website and social media nature photography was further promoted and other organizations and events were offered a platform.

During these activities, numerous speakers of world renown presented their work, and often young and upcoming talents also participated.

Much has changed

The world around us has changed dramatically:

  • Internet has become an important factor.
  • News is readily available and knowledge can be easily found.
  • Photography is now digital and anyone can make nature photos more easily and publish them in multiple ways.
  • Many photographs can be seen on countless websites, social media and forums, often with active feedback.
  • Anyone can easily join one of the many Internet communities.
  • A lot of nature photography festivals have been added, festivals run by professionals and almost all on a commercial basis.
  • A Dutch nature magazine has appeared.
  • Several digital magazines about nature photography have become available.
  • Many national and international nature photography competitions have been added and everyone can participate.

Boost for nature photography

The conclusion is that nature photography has been given a huge boost. The NVN is very happy with this and has therefore often actively supported new developments. As a small organization of volunteers, we cannot provide added value in this field any longer.

Mission accomplished

Our mission has been accomplished. The NVN board therefore decided to stop with all NVN activities as of October 1, 2016:

  • No new festivals will take place.
  • There will be no more workshops, theme days, seminars and competitions organized.
  • No more newsletters will appear.
  • The NVN Youth Day will not be organized anymore, and the youth group will be disbanded.
  • The adapted website will remain in the air for a while, but will not contain current news.
  • No donations may be given to the NVN.
  • The NVN-card expires. For questions regarding the current insurance, contact your insurance company agent.
  • The Foundation NVN will be dissolved soon

What remains

  • The NVN website is updated and here you will find the history of all NVN activities.
  • The enthusiasm for nature photography.

Satisfied and fulfilled

We conclude a pleasant period that generated many new contacts, energy and inspiration. The Nature Photographers Association Netherlands expresses its gratitude for all the trust, commitment, contributions and help from all former board members, volunteers, speakers, donors, sponsors, magazines and companies that have supported the NVN in any way and in any form whatever.

Happy and content and with great pride we look back on this very wonderful time. Thanks again for this!